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A4F 102: Its a Small (online) World

In this, our second episode, we tackle the almost brand new concept of online portfolios. Seriously, at the time we recorded this, the idea of putting your portfolio online was just starting to take off. Bob and Chris had put up their first websites within the past five years, and Ken had just put his up that month. At the time we recorded this, it was still customary to find people who would mail a paper portfolio to prospective clients or employers, and it was still leading edge to have an online portfolio.

On the other hand, even in 2006 the writing was on the wall. If you didn’t have an online presence, you were falling behind. This is SO MUCH MORE SO today! And the options you have today are even greater than when we released this episode.

This roundtable episode also includes a visit from Arnold Shortzarebiggr (you can tell by his name that he was web 2.0 before there even WAS a web 2.0). Arnold was is freelance mercenary (see what we did there? Freelance? Mercenary? They’re two terms that can mean the same thing. See? Aw, fergetit.).

At the end, we also introduce famed explorer Spaldwell Breeding and his famed pet gorilla, Bobo. The two make up our famed Gorilla Marketing team. Also, Bobo can pull your arms out of your sockets if you’re not careful.

Show Notes:

Round Table Pt. 1 –
We listed our portfolios, several times in fact, (can YOU count how many plugs we gave ourselves?) and talked about some of the benefits to having the portfolio, pitfalls to avoid, and some tips on making sure your portfolio is actually working for you.

Intermission –
During Arnold Shortzarebiggr’s part, we named three (THREE!) places you might post your portfolio. MySpace, Flickr and Blogspot. Technically, all three are still there… kind of. Today, there are LOTS of options, and while Flickr makes this revised list, MySpace is a hard sell and Blogspot is now part of Blogger. Or, something like that. Also, iWeb, .Mac and even hosting space on iCloud are no longer supported by Apple.

So, please don’t use this as any sort of definitive list, but options you may have at your disposal might be:

Art Portfolio Sites:

Blogging spaces such as:

Online Art/Creative Communities:

Photo Sharing sites:

Social Media Platforms:

Writers Portfolios:

General Website Creation Tools:

Round Table Pt. 2 –
In this portion we mention MarketingTool.com, a directory that used to be for a myriad of disciplines. A few years later, the owner split the disciplines into their own directories. Most do fairly well in rankings, and basic listings are free, so there’s no real harm in signing up. When Chris was freelancing full time, he found that the paid options worked well for him. You can find the various directories listed at http://www.suddenventures.com/

www.CareerBuilder.com – Online Job Board. Post your resume and set up job search agents. If you set your preferences to Contractor and Part Time, and set one of your Job Categories to Consultant, it effectively returns jobs where people are looking for Freelancers.

Guest Musician –
Van Heffer – Ozzy Osbourne in Blue Grass, the way it was meant to be. Wichita seems to have kind of slowed down since then, but you can still find out more about Wichita Rutherford and Van Heffer at https://www.facebook.com/WichitaRutherford

Special thanks to Melissa, Victoria Collette, and Marty Qatani for helping us track down some of these online spaces.

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