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A4F 104: Where Does the Time Go?

‘W hen you work from home, you’re always at work.’ This sentiment emerged as a central theme to this 2006 episode, and is even more relevent today in our online industry. The truth is, the ‘freelance lifestyle’ used to be the domain of the self-employed only. These days, however, even full time employees may find themselves working from home one or more days per week, if not everyday. Time management is a major skill that every person who works away from the office needs to master.

Ken, Bob and Chris discuss in depth the notion that the very freedom we gain as freelance artists can easily become the shackles that keep us working all day and all night, robbing us of our sleep, our family time and our sanity. How can you overcome this?

Show Notes:
Round Table:
In addition to balancing work and life responsibilities, you have to make sure than when you commit to work for your clients that you actually have the time budgeted to meet the deadlines you are looking at. If you can’t finish the job on time, what options are available to helping you complete on time? Hire help? Ask for more time? Sleep less? All three happen, but knowing what to do and when can make or break your project, your relationship with your clients and your reputation.

On the plus side, you might note the cartoon we’re using as the featured image for this post. Drawn by Bob, it shows eloquently several of the great advantages to the freelance lifestyle; working on your patio, on your own time, enjoying the fruits of your labor rather than working in a cubicle wishing you were home, and actually watching your kids grow. Working for yourself may not be the easiest thing, but it can certainly be worth it.

Lance Panstrom:
Lance goes on-location a bit early to interview attendees of the first-ever, PodCamp, in Boston MA. Chris eventually attended three of the first four PodCamp Bostons from 2006-2009, and coincidentally, at PodCamp Boston 4, Chris ‘led’ a panel answering questions about this very topic: titled Living La Vida Freelance! , Chris shared the platform with Jeff Cutler, Laura Fitton and Phillip ‘Philly Mac’ Zannini.

Chris highly recommends attending a PodCamp if you are at all interested in learning more about New Media. You can meet people who are currently engaged in creating blogs, podcasts and other online media, listen to talks on best practices, new technologies and current trends, and attend break-out Q&A sessions. PodCamps are held all over the world and likely you can find one near you. If you can’t, you are encouraged to set up your own. For more information, visit Podcamp.org for more information.

Carl & Melman:
While the world seems to have no shortage of spam, at this particular time, there was a daily influx of lottery winners notices.

Musical Guest:
You might note that this is the first episode where we did NOT have a musical guest. This would happen more and more until we eventually stopped trying to fill the slot.

7th Son: Descent – (explicit) JC Hutchins spins a tale of intrigue, suspense, action and clones.

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