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A4F 105: Wheel of Misfortune 2

The Wheel of Misfortune

I n this episode, Bob spins a tale of woe caused by inexperience coupled with overconfidence. And nude lifedrawings. Well, at least he didn’t show up with his mother.

Bob, ever enamored with sound effects, edited this episode, and we received our first (of many) feedback items denouncing their overuse.

As we were short on time, but wanted to get a show out as best as we were able, we had this goofy idea that maybe, just maybe, in order to keep our shows shorter, we could break segments out into stand-alone episodes. To test this, we tried it out with a simple Wheel of Misfortune episode.

We felt this worked out fairly well and ran with the concept for a while.

Show Notes:
Intro and Promo by Dennis Gray from 101 Uses for Baby Wipes. Chris really loved this show (especially the Toon Test), but unfortunately Dennis shut down sometime in 2009.

On a side note, Chris often had trouble with Dennis’ name, and called him Greg. Something about Dennis Gray logged itself into his head as Greg. Many apologies Dennis Gray. Maybe if he’d ever known you as simply Dennis, it would have stuck better.

There are 3 comments .

Fraximus —

Good story. Way too much cute sound fx for me. Made me want to leave. Obnoxious.

Bob Ostrom

Thanks for your comment Fraximus. We actually deal with the sound effects issue in a later episode.

So listeners… if you can bear the cute sound effects in this episode I guarantee you’ll have a good laugh. If not… simply skip ahead to the next episode. I’m sure you’ll find it both informative and entertaining.

Also listeners if you haven’t already checked out DaniDraws please do, you’ll find some really great info posted there.

Thanks for listening.
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