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A4F 000: Episode Zero

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W elcome! If for some strange reason you read this post before you listen to the podcast, here’s the gist of this episode:

Rather than tear down the site and pull everything from the web, we’ve chosen to clean up the website, leave only the episodes that were still relevant and were likely to remain so for at least the next several years, rewrite the episode posts and update the pages in such a way that they will point to places that are kept up to date on a more current schedule.

Why did we do this? Well, it turns out that despite the fact that Answers for Freelancers (lovingly referred to as A4F from here on out) ran for 2 and a half seasons, finishing in September of 2008, it still averages 60+ new visitors per month. That’s nearly four thousand new listeners in the past five years, and all while no one was looking. This happened despite the fact that the show receives no advertising, no internal or external promotion of any kind, and that it was a new feed so even the original listeners were not grandfathered into it.

What this tells us is that there is still a real need for usable information that new freelancers can use. While a good number of new podcasts have come (and gone) in the years since we stopped production, we know that a number of our episodes still contain relevant information that you will find valuable as you build your career as a freelance artist.

What you will find in this feed:

Some great interviews with fellow freelancers, artists and business thinkers.

Some round table discussions on the various aspects of running a freelance business and the (sometimes hectic) lifestyle that accompanies it.

Several tales of misfortune and doom, just so you know that everyone makes mistakes.

And a few other odd bits that we thought were helpful.

Not all of our episodes are here. We have selected just those we feel still hold up and are worth your time. The rest have been removed. If you like this, please swing by iTunes and leave us a review.

If you are looking for something more recent, you can always visit us at http://CreativeIndependence.net/.

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